Skip 2theloo!

public toilets have never looked so good!

It comes as no surprise to me (or those that know me) that my first post here would be utter toilet talk. But this is no bog-standard (phnaar phnaar) toilet I’m talking about. Nope, this is 2theloo!

For those who haven’t heard of 2theloo, the concept is simple yet genius. Nice and clean restroom facilities with added extras, including toiletries, cute and quirky gift ideas and even a coffee bar. I happened upon it yesterday whilst in the Kalverstraat trying to avoid over-zealous Ajax fans and was surprised at just how happy it made me!

A well-lit entrance at the back of the giftshop...yes I'm happy.

I can’t review the all-important toilet facilities, as I didn’t actually use them this time. Instead, I bought a flask and some lipgloss (obviously) and talked to the ever-so-polite shop assistant – another novelty for Amsterdam city centre!

It seemed strange to take pictures of the place, but I soon felt at ease with the idea when I saw several other people taking their cameras out. After an impromptu photo session, I prepared myself for the bustle of the Kalverstraat with a quick espresso from 2theloo’s gorgeous retro machine.


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