My Dining Table

When I was growing up, my parents were busy people, working shifts and unsociable hours. But however hard they worked, they made it a priority for us to have tea together around the table every night. For those who aren’t from the North of England, tea time is dinner and consists of meat, veg and a form of potato, be it boiled, mashed or fried. Back in the day, we had tea at 4pm (so my dad could eat before going on the nightshift at the Shipyard).

I fell in love with the dining space of our flat immediately. I loved that it could accommodate a  table large enough to fit a group around it comfortably. The table now also serves as the family office, my writing desk and my daughter’s high chair is now at the head of it. This table gets used a lot.

We’ve already had many great conversations around this table with friends and they are worth sharing. Maybe they’ll resonate…or inspire, or entertains, I have no idea! Whatever the case, Tea Time is my way of sharing the cosy ambience of sitting around a table, eating a home-cooked dinner and partaking in good conversation with inspiring people. Dig in!


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