This is a tiny picture of Lisa, who is me, talking about myself in the 3rd person:

Back to talking about myself more subjectively, I was born and raised in the small northern UK town of Barrow-in-Furness, and have lived in the (slightly) larger towns of Wakefield and Brighton. I now live in Amsterdam with my Dutch fella, gorgeous daughter and neurotic cat.

As it’s such a cute lal place, Amsterdam is thought of by many as a village rather than a city. It is currently home to no less than 177 different nationalities, making it the most international city in the world and, like the internet, pretty much a global village.

This blog shares stories about my family life in Amsterdam and those of other Global Villagers. I love writing, comedy, creative projects, live music and talking…a lot.

You can also find me in these parts of our global village:

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And a little bit of me is always here.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lisa, this is Lee from the June ‘Do what you love for life’ course. I just found your link on the AONC post…………….funny huh !?
    If you happen to find yourself in the UK in January a few of us from the Winter DWYL course ( i had to defer due to moving etc) including Beth, are meeting up in Manchester, a long shot i’m sure, but who knows.
    Your blog looks great, i just had a quick glimpse, so i’ll subscribe to the feed and maybe we can link at some point, hopefully 2012 will be my kick in the bottom to get writing (i’m stuck!………. a bit scared to get started i think)
    Anyway, good luck for the New Year, and enjoy Lola, before you know it she’ll be 15 like mine.

    • Hey Lee!

      Great minds read alike I see 😉
      Great to be in touch again! I love the look of your site – yes, keep writing!! Perhaps we can motivate each other!

      I will actually be passing through Manchester on the 3rd and the 9th January….don’t suppose it is one of those dates?

      Really enjoying the little one while she is a little one…I believe everything people say about time flying and children growing. I’ve seen it done!

      Lets keep in touch via the blogosphere! X

  2. Well howdie from a fellow northern lass, living in Amsterdam, married to a Dutchie, blogger…etc! I may have to follow your blog for some good tips as I’m new at this Amsterdam thingy.

    • Hi Nicola! Nice to “meet” you and looks like we’re on a similar path right now! How are you doing? I clicked through to your blog but got a wordpress message. Will keep checking in. X

      • That’s strange! My blog can be found at http://www.thedailycalorie.com.

        – Got it now thanks Nicola! Not sure what happened? Great timing though…am considering a break from sugar and the first post I saw really helps! Where in Amsterdam are you living and where from the North are you from? Loving your blog!! Really cool, also I saw you do marathon training, my friend Paul lives in the Lakes and has been running marathons for a couple of years. He blogs over here.

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