Anniversary Sunday

We walked off into the sunset together on July 17, 2011. Photo by Lucia Willems Ramirez

Ahhhh….so today is our wedding anniversary! Two years ago today, I got dressed up in a red 50’s style dress, jumped on a double decker bus with my dad and met Ewoud and our family and friends to say “I do!” and have a  blast. And we did!

Today we have an almost-8-month-old daughter rolling around on the living room floor in the apartment we bought last year. So friggin’ grown up we are now!

We were supposed to be spending the day at the spa together, but decided that even getting there would be too much effort. So I enjoyed a lie-in whilst Ewoud made me breakfast in bed (a bacon sarnie – phwooar!) and we’ve had the laziest of Sundays watching movies, reading and playing with Lola Maggie.

Today is also the first Sunday Papers post! It’s basically my way of sharing what I’ve stumbled across over the past week, but calling it Sunday Papers reminds me of the days of reading the broadsheets and all their glossy supplements in bed with a ma-hoo-ssive cup of tea. So let this be the digital version – make yourself a cuppa, click on the links below and get lost in cyberspace.

...because we're worth it...

This week I’ve been getting acquainted with Google+ and for all you newbies to the latest (and potentially greatest) social networking offering, here’s a handy guide. I’m normally the last on these kind of bandwagons, but I’ve been using Google products for a few years now and loving the latest innovations!

I’ve also been working on the fantastic e-course I started a few weeks ago. I stumbled across Beth’s site, Do What You Love, a couple of months ago and loved her blog and inspiring shared stories. My goal next year is to join Beth’s creative business retreat. Beth is a really inspiring and generous person and I’m loving the e-course. In the very near future I’ll share the projects I’ve committed to as a result of the Do What You Love course.

I love Gretchen Rubin and really enjoyed her post on how to make happy decisions.

Today Amsterdam was covered with dark grey clouds, only adding to my lethargy. Taking full advantage of Ewoud’s gift of a lie-in, I stayed in bed and finished reading Juliet, Naked. It doesn’t get as many rave reviews as High Fidelity or About A Boy, but I really enjoyed the observations the novel made regarding music superfans and relationships.

This week was also my friend Lauren’s birthday. On Friday, she invited a few friends over for dinner at her gorgeous apartment in Westerpark, Amsterdam. Lauren’s been a great friend to me since we got to know each other a couple of years ago and a real inspiration. She has embraced her passion for healthy food and started her own business in Amsterdam, Foodlem. If you’re living in Amsterdam and looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to the broodje gezond, check her out!

OK, I’m heading back to the couch to watch Louie -I heart Louis CK! I’ll leave you with this gorgeous song that was played on our wedding day. Aaaahhh such a cute video…..



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