Metro 53 – Merel Barends

How I would like to feel in the morning.

This design is by Merel Barends, who I’d really like to interview in the future. Her quirky designs have made 7am metro journeys a lot brighter and she’s got a lot of bows to her arrow, I think she’d be a really inspiring gal to have a tea-time chat with.


2 thoughts on “Metro 53 – Merel Barends

  1. Hi Lisa! I stumbled upon your post by accident (well, not that much of an accident to be honest – I was googling myself….. (please don’t judge me…)). Thank you for your kind words and the cool pics! I’m glad my work made your early mornings a little easier. You can interview me over tea anytime!

  2. Merel! No judgement – I’m loving the honesty! So happy you stumbled upon this and left a message. Let’s make an appointment for tea sometime (I’ll mail you)!

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