RIP Amy Winehouse

And another talented singer leaves us at age 27…I can’t help but feel sad. Amy Winehouse had a raw talent, worldwide acclaim and not an ounce of pretention about her. I respected how open she was about her struggles and fragility. I had her back.

Within an hour of the news breaking, millions of judgements are being aired through social media regarding lifestyle choices. It’s not sad news anymore, because its another one of those celebrities with a bad habit, enough said. These people have reassured themselves that they are above all that, they’re stronger than that and wiser than that and all that other bullshit. But we’re all fragile and we all have our demons.

I feel sad about Amy Winehouse’s death. Sad that she was so young. Sad for her family. Sad that she will now become infamous because of dying young instead of celebrated for her amazing talent. On another level, I’m also sad we all find it so hard to relate to another human’s struggle without judgement and I include myself in that category from time to time too.


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