Lightness in Dark Days

It’s been a shitty week in world news and today has been a grey, rainy day in Amsterdam. It would be easy to sink into a negative mood…but it’s not happening. Not here. So whilst the international Sunday papers are dissecting tragedy, spinning stories and focusing on the darker side of humanity, over here we’re making room for the light.

This week I’ve enjoyed an article by the brilliant Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits on finding your voice. A timely article for me to read as I post more regularly and I’ve watched Leo’s blog evolve so much in the last 5 years, I know he leads by example.

Love love love Alice In Wonderland (who doesn’t?) so was bordering on mystical when I came across this book in my Amazon recommendations. Genius! The two women behind this project can be found at the Everything Alice website, which is also packed full of resources and events. Some of the best ideas come from casual conversations.

I’ve just reserved tickets for Amsterdam’s international comedy festival at the Toomler. I haven’t seen stand-up by Adam Bloom or Brendan Burns before, so looking forward to hearing some new comedy.

My Amazon order arrived yesterday and I’m loving Kelly Rae Roberts‘ book Taking Flight. Her mixed media projects are screaming to be tried out and messed up by moi.

Another inspiration, Pia Jane Bijkerk, has just released her new book. I love Pia’s photography and word choice. Everything she touches turns to gorgeousness. After taking a look at the sneak preview over on Do What You LoveMy Heart Wanders promises to be the same…bliss!

I’ll leave you with an Eddie Vedder song I’ve been listening to today. Pretty appropriate this week I feel….and if you haven’t seen Into The Wild yet (Eddie Vedder provides the soundtrack), please do!


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