A Week on the Web

Weekend with my schatjes

Ahhhh…it’s been a busy week in Lisa Land so I gave myself the weekend off to recharge and spend quality time with my husband and baby girl. I’m also starting to realise some ideas that have sprung from casual conversations; e.g the best ideas!

One such idea is an 80’s and 90’s dance night in Amsterdam. This came about after an urge of going out to dance was followed by disappointment that the club nights on offer are not what I’m looking for – it’s either lyricless music or a total cheesefest. So together with my equally enthused colleague, Kelly, we’ve decided to arrange our own. We’ve created a Facebook page so people can add their favourite tracks – this way we know we’re thinking about the right music for our kind of night. This has also drawn my attention to a need for a similar night back in my hometown – so far the most prolific posters to the Facebook page are those from Barrow-in-Furness. Hmmmm…can I arrange both? Watch this space!

I also spent time finishing off the 6-week e-course I was completing. You can see some of the effect this had on participants here. The results of my own journey will soon make their appearance in this blog.

Here’s some fascinating discoveries from this week on the web:

My good friend Blanca introduced me to this amazing site and the young man behind it as I continue my love affair with blogging. Read the latest article about improving your blogging conversion rates. Viper Chill is chock-full of valuable information for bloggers of every level.

I can spend a lot of time on the community art project PostSecret!

I’m finally totally sick of my post-pregnancy largeness and in my bid to get back in shape I’ll be starting the couch 2 5k programme from tomorrow! Updates will follow!

Proving that crowd source projects can be about anything and still be cool…one man is asking web readers to count his freckles. Enjoy!

Digital Dad Jonathan Fields poses a great question over on his blog.

I want to see this!

I’ve just started reading this – so far it’s proved to be really thought-provoking and informative.

Check out the blog of my fellow Do What You Love-r, Pauline Leger. I love her art work!


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