August Break – Day 4: The Examinator

The Examinator by Lisa Benoist
The Examinator, a photo by Lisa Benoist on Flickr.

I’m cheating a little here. I took this photo yesterday during a long long wait in this particular hospital room.

I’m posting it on I Spy today (on day 5 of August Break) because yesterday everything was hard work. Including waiting in this room.

I went to my docs in the morning after experiencing chest pains since Wednesday. The verdict was a toss-up between a pulled chest muscle and a blood clot….I’m not a fan of either but found myself rooting quite strongly for the first option.

Thankfully my doctor’s on the ball and she referred me to the hospital, where I spent 5 hours in the above room. Blood tests, chest x-rays, ECG, other machines I had no clue about ensued until the verdict of Pericarditis was given.

Never heard of it? Me neither until yesterday, but when you break it down it makes sense. Peri – around. Card – cardio:heart. Itis – inflammation.

Roughly translated: I have an irritated heart sac. Weird.

The cause – they don’t know, but probably from a viral infection.

The cure – rest, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and comedy (I added the last one). Bring on Louis CK and George Carlin!

Prognosis – may or may not happen again, so long as I rest up until I’m recovered (between 3 days and 3 weeks depending on symptoms) all should be well.

Ahhh…I have to say, since giving birth in November I have never had so many itis-es. Endometritis, Mastitis and now Pericarditis. So the message is clear – my body is not a temple at the moment, but it should be and I need to start looking after myself better than I have been doing recently. Watch this space!


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