Sunday Papers: Something for the Week’s End

It’s been a bit quiet round here this week – as you can tell from the time of this week’s only post (Sunday: 23:55). I’ve been taking it easy after having pericarditis last week and starting back at work after over a week off, which is unheard of!

The business of blogging will resume as usual this coming week. In the meantime, here’s some links to get us back in the swing of things…

Last Sunday I sent off my Stitched Postcard to the UK as part of the Do What You Love’s Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. You can see some brilliant stitched cards over here. If you fancy a crafty challenge, make sure to check in with Do What You Love and sign up for the Autumn swap.

This week saw the premiere for The Inbetweeners movie. I’m currently cursing the fact that the Netherlands seems to have a 3-month delay on movie releases…after watching all 3 series back-to-back again last week, I must see this NOW!

Bristol hosts  to the UK’s largest street art project this summer.

Elephant Journal is fast becoming my go-to place for favourite articles. This week they posted a Louis CK interview, who is fast becoming my favourite comedian.

I’ve never been tempted to make a risotto, but my friend Mike’s recipe has swayed me…I’ll report back!

Enjoyed a healthy dinner at Amsterdam’s Skek on Zeedijk this week whilst catching up on some gossip with one of my favourite International Villagers, Lauren, AKA Ms Foodlem. If you head to Skek, I recommend the tabouleh! If you’re looking for a healthy lunch during the work week, I recommend Foodlem, natuurlijk!

Love this photo by Kelly Chambers taken at this year’s Field Day Festival.

Interesting (and resourceful) article on the future reality of work, skill-sharing and freelancing.

Love Rebecca Woolf’s post on the transition as a parent from wild to child.

And finally, I’m really excited that the lovely and talented illustrator Anna Boterman will be creating the header for International Villager….watch this space!




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