Sunday Brunch at Greenwoods

Another fine day in October, another reason to go out with friends and eat!

Yesterday, Lauren and I met up at Greenwoods on the Singel for a catch-up over brunch and oh, what a lovely brunch it was. For the uninitiated, Greenwoods is the closest I’ve come to an English-style tea room in Amsterdam. A little bit cramped, a full breakfast menu, slabs of cake and high tea options – it has it all going on.

If you are one of the unsuspecting diners chomping on a sausage sandwich, I do apologise for the ill-timed photo opp!

I was really impressed with the tea menu, and after several minutes of perusing the wide selection of green teas, white teas and herbal teas, I imaginatively went for the English breakfast tea. Sometimes you just need familiar.

Lauren and I both opted for the Eggs Royale (I had the muffins, Lauren had the soda bread that Greenwoods is so famous for) and a pot of tea and we were set for the afternoon. Quite literally….we stayed all day! It was refreshing to have a smiling waitress come and serve when needed and leave us to chat for the most part without trying to hurry us along. Another reason this cute tea room is so popular.

It’s been a while since I had poached eggs, mainly because I can’t do them, and I’ve already posted about the importance of perfectly cooked eggs. So my excitement in having perfectly poached eggs on top of thick slices of smoked salmon and smothered in Hollandaise sauce was totally warranted…and I’m chuffed to tell you that I wasn’t disappointed!

Eggs Royale at Greenwoods. Why is one always just that bit bigger than the other?

The hot topics for the afternoon were balance and self-care. Lauren’s new business is thriving and she’s learning how to create time for herself away from the business and keeping her energy levels high with healthy food and exercise.

I’m a proud, working mother of a beautiful baby girl, surviving off caffeine, sugar and anything conveniently close to hand (preferably something I don’t have to cook myself, like chocolate and cheese sandwiches – not together…yet).

Yesterday, 24 hours after a 2-hour bootcamp at Westerpark, Lauren was glowing and, despite several early nights on the trot, I was most definitely not. Something has to give – and before it’s my trousers or sanity, I’m ready to get back on track and in shape….well, after the glorious feast of Eggs Royale and scones with jam and cream* that is.

*It’s important to note here that it was a 4-hour brunch – I wasn’t just troughing as much as possible in half an hour.

A couple of pots of tea to wash it all down with and we were well satisfied…Greenwoods is now my new favourite tea place until the next one.

On another note, you know you’re having a good conversation when you can actually feel a shift in your perspective when you’re in the middle of it. And along with good poached eggs, that’s what I had yesterday. A realisation that I really do need to get off my arse and start looking after myself, and if there’s no time for it, I need to make time. Because I want to be a good role model to my lil Rock’n’Lola and I want to wear smaller knickers.

Today I had a sugar and caffeine-free day for the first time in, ooohhhh aaaages. I biked to work and back, which was 45 minutes each way (go me) and I did the stairs instead of the lift. Tomorrow, I’ll probably take the metro and read my book….because, as I said earlier, it’s all about balance.

For anyone else interested in sugar-free dining options in Amsterdam, Sugarless offers a lunch menu and high tea. I’ve heard mixed reports so far, but looking forward to trying it out for myself in future!


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