West Siiiiiiide!

Well, helloooo again! It’s been a while since I last posted. A combination of sick baby Lola, knackered laptop and mid-blog crises kept me away. But lots of deep breaths later and Lola is back to her smiling self, I have a new laptop and a good friend gave me a timely reminder to stop over-thinking and  just take the next step.


And here is aforementioned gorgeous friend, selling her wares in boxes at the Sunday Market. Foodlem rocks!


The Westerpark’s Sunday Market was introduced to Foodlem a couple of weeks ago! I was a little helper on the day and, christ-on-crutches, were we busy! We sold out several times, and it was only for the mighty calves of Justin, the Foodlem Fairy, that we managed to fill up the salad-craving masses with spicy, ricey goodness. It was great to see business boom and meet so many nice people in the process.

Blue skies and t-shirt weather in October + market stalls selling all kinds of randomness = 1 very happy me!


I really should have bought the cute green chair...

We bought homemade chocolate chip cookies from this cute stall – they had me at cookie cutters for decor

Dresses and wellies = Lola's autumn wardrobe in 2012

Blue Peter fans take note: There is a purpose for everything...even if it's to repurpose it!

Not-so-shabby chic

Doodle me this!


A great day was had, and it was really cool to see so many local businesses starting up and doing well at a time when all we hear about is financial doom. Afterwards we sat on the grass, away from the crowds and had a nice, relaxing pie.

But Lola had other plans….

Don’t miss the next Sunday Market! Check out future dates here.


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