I Heart Autumn (Yeah, it’s supposed to be winter…but check out the weather!)

This is the view from my balcony this morning. It’s almost the middle of November. Yeah, it’s cold…it should be, it’s supposed to be winter. And this is Holland.

But ahhhhhhh…we have blue skies! And gold and burgundy leaves!  This is my favourite season of the year and this particular year might be the best autumn yet – because it’s a late one. It’s getting colder, but cosier. Darker nights but crispy fresh days. I’m feeling it.

And as we head towards winter:

I will be making a lot of pumpkin soup. I might also get adventurous and try Mike’s tasty-looking beet soup.

I will be buying new couch-friendly clothing.

I will be writing more letters.

We will be wearing only the cutest of knits.

Lola hearts knits too.


Melissa from The Inspired Room tells her readers why she loves Autumn here.

Loving Autumn is dedicated to collecting gorgeous photos of our beloved season.

If you’re in Amsterdam right now, enjoy this sunny Saturday!


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