Lola & the Little Red Blanket

It started out as a casual thing. A necessary item in the cot at the end of a long day of exploration. It wasn’t needed for anything else – Lola had her favourite snuffeltje, her muisje in kaas, that was held tightly on shopping trips, in the metro and at creche and placed over her face during naps (her thing, not mine).

But as she acquired a more discerning taste for comfort, her eyes began to wander and a whole new world opened up. A second glance turned into a teething exercise, which led to a cuddlefest. And blanket became ahhhhblankie. We didn’t even see it happen, it just did. One day, blankie was needed at naptime and then it became the symbol for sleep.

And now it goes here…


and (yeah, you know it, you’ve read the books) EVERYWHERE…

There will come a day when Lola’s wandering eye returns, and Little Red Blanket will be resigned to the back of the cupboard. She’ll have new favourite toys, people, music, movies and some will stick around and some won’t. And I’ll observe all these phases, trying to document them all for when she’s older and she wants to know the forgotten chapters of her story. And I’ll try to remember all those phases I went through. Am still going through.

Not everything sticks and not every possession is a keeper. But for now, this post is a testimony to Little Red Blanket and its importance to our lil rock’n’rolla and the quality of her (and, therefore, our) sleep.


2 thoughts on “Lola & the Little Red Blanket

  1. Ahhhhh thats soooo lovely and sweet!! Can’t wait to see her again in a few days!! XXX

    And a blanket is such a great item as cuddling item. I agree with you Lola.

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