Around the Web in 10 Links

Firstly, if you are in Amsterdam today, meander down to the Sunday Market at Westerpark this afternoon. Sinterklaas is there, so it’s a good choice for families (ahem, aside from the controversial Zwarte Piet…but that is another blogpost).

Secondly, if One Day happens to be a favourite novel of yours, then perhaps avoid the movie. Disappointing. One Day the novel, portrays two complex and extremely likeable characters and documents the evolution of their relationship over 20 years on St Within’s Day. One Day the movie portrays two unbelievable actors trying too hard for too long. Anne Hathaway’s accent is all over the place, which is particularly annoying for a northerner who is supposed to be listening to another northerner, and Jim Sturgess sneers his way through the role of the charming Dexter, which made me want to slap him after the first 10 minutes.

To undo some of the damage, I will wait a while, read the book again and then pretend the movie didn’t happen. Moving swiftly along…here’s some sites that caught my eye this week:

1. Check out this set of plates featuring designs by Rob Ryan

This book also looks like a lovely Christmas gift for daughters, sisters, friends, mothers and all other women in your life. Check out Rob’s site for more inspirational paper cuts.

2.  Along those lines, I’m loving the look of the latest book by Pia Jane Bijkerk. Now living in Sydney, Pia’s heart once wandered to Amsterdam and she wrote some lovely posts about that time here.

3. Vintage wooden blocks for the babies. I heart Etsy.

4. I love reading about the creative process of writers, and the photographer and creator of Unravelling the Heart, Susannah Conway, has started a sporadic series about this in her blog.

5. This video went viral for the second time this year! Zach Wahls comes across as an intelligent, articulate, confident and compassionate man. If Lola ever made this kind of speech, I would be beyond proud.

6. Write to Done offer a free e-book summarising their strongest blogposts on becoming a better writer.

7. If you can’t get away from it, you may as well get involved – check out these photos celebrating 100 days of Winter, then go to Angie Muldowney‘s website for some cool photography tutorials.

8. Great review in this week’s Guardian about one of my favourite British films, Kes. First released in 1969, Kes has been remastered this year and has regular showings this month at Vondelpark’s EYE film museum.

9. My Parents Were Awesome is a brilliant site for vintage photos of people’s parents.

10. Some nice quotes about reading by favourite writers.

Happy Sunday!


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