Our 2011 in Pictures

As part of my reflection on 2011, I’ve been looking at photos taken over the last year. I treated myself to a digital SLR camera and, along with my phone camera, I’ve spent a lot more time taking photos. A photography workshop is definitely on the cards this year!

Here’s some of the highlights of 2011…


Lola's 1st laugh

Wrapping Papa around her little fingers

....and Mama


Blue skies and many paths

In awe of flying things

Everyone needs a place where they can sit and dream

Lola's First Flight

Meeting her great-grandparents

Chilling with Nanna and Great-grandad Jack

Feeding time with Grandad


Forever blowing bubbles...or just on a Sunday

Ninja chill


Starsistas, the next generation: Lily and Lola

Tummy time!

Shelves of Cute at Tea In The City


Lil Rock'n'Lola

Looking to the light

Getting by with a little help from our friends

A river runs through it

Nanna & Grandad visit

Metal chill


Anna & Ijs in the sun

Happy Birthday Pappie!

D-Day @ Cruise Inn

Absent Easy Riders

Cocktails with the starsistas


A StarMama with her little flower

Bedside catinet

Magic bubbles

The cutest baby shower for Querine

A visit from cousin Karl


Lekker chillen bij oma en opa

Bike ride to Abcoude

Seals in the sky


Amsterdam rooftops

Kinderboerderij t'Brinkie

Tea at Le Loir dans la Théière, Paris

Heaven. Or Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, Paris


Lola, Mia and Hat Envy

Hatty and content



Working in Rome 😉

Random ruins cos that's how Rome rolls

Lola's 1st Birthday!

Cards from the fam


Lola decides where she'll sleep at night

Little Bear and Papa Bear

Vintage Christmas cards at Art Unlimited Postcards on Leidsestraat

Preparing for workshops at Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

Christmas tipple at Puccini Bomboni

Feeling futuristic at the year-end partaaay!

6 thoughts on “Our 2011 in Pictures

    • Delphine! Lovely to see you on here! It’s definitely been an eventful year 🙂 and for you guys too! I’d love to see recent photos of the Robiots! Best wishes for this year X

    • Thank you! I’m taking some time this evening to look through your brilliant photos. This year I’m spending a bit more time on the photos 🙂

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