Parklife, Karaoke and a Wedding

Two weeks’ overdue, but finally got round to adding some photos of our trip back to Barrow. I normally take hundreds, but this time I got caught up in enjoying the moments and being part of them rather than documenting them. I won’t make that mistake again….fnaar fnaar!

How high Nanna?

Hanging out with great-nanna & great-grandad: of course, the only photo of us all smiling is blurry!

Barrow Park...yes really.

A sunny sky, littered with birds.

Lola's first shot on the swings!

"Oooooohhh sometimes"...Leon and Ali sing their hearts out to a packed Steelworks.

Lola's already getting handy round the house, much to grandad's delight.

Dave and Kate become Mr & Mrs Hodge. With Kate looking gorgeous in a beautiful 40s-style gown and a soundtrack including Rocky's theme. Perfection!

It's all legal and grown-up now guys, congratulations!!

The first dance is a family affair, bless!

Evening entertainment was provided by the wicked Toledo Mud Hens and it was loads of fun to be dancing around to their mashed up versions of classics again!

Striking a pose! Awkward dancefloor moments - part 1.

Awkward dance floor moments - part 2!

Radiant after half a bottle of gin.

The happy couple looking resplendent as the party descends into a beautiful chaos of pile-ons.

Auntie Sarah teaches Lola some English nursery rhymes.

Leo and Lola...almost playing nicely!

Making our way back to Amsterdam with Auntie Mel and Uncle Knobhead.

A smashing weekend back in Barrow! Only one thing could have made it better…having hubby with us too. Next time…


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