Warm Things On Cold Days

Amsterdam canals. Any season.


After a very mild January, followed by a breathtaking freeze this week, Old Mr Winter finally gave in to the spirit of the season and coughed his snowy guts up all over this afternoon.

I do love a freshly snowed on Amsterdam. The small sidestreets and canals are even more picturesque when they are wearing fluffy winter coats and even the most enthusiastic bell-ringing psychlists slow down for a bit, giving the place a more relaxed feel. I decided to walk the 15 minutes to the metro station after work to really savour a time of not having to dodge bikes, trams and taxis.

So, in keeping with the cosy winter feel, here’s my top 5 things to keep you warm during the Big Freeze of 2012.

1. A cute pop song.


2. Hot chocolate (one of the cosiest places in Amsterdam for hot choc is in front of the fireplace at Café Americain at the Eden American Hotel on Leidseplein).


3. Browsing in book stores. I visited Shakespeare & Company in Paris last year and fell in love with the place and George Whitman’s story. During a Big Freeze, you can browse virtually through this list of the world’s most beautiful book stores – Amsterdam’s American Book Center is on there too!


4. Slurp soup. I’ve blogged about my winter favourite before.

Carrot & ginger soup


5. Hug an orangutan.


Happy weekend villagers…wherever you are!


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