I Spy

a room with a view - the company canteen

Just a week ago everyone was freaking out about the Big Freeze of 2012, but now the Average Thaw has set in. Ice skates have been put away, people can now see the contents of the canals and regret being in such close proximity to them and weather has returned to its normal status of conversation-starter rather than total content.

Amsterdam’s still looking lovely though, especially from high up.

the last of the snow on Amsterdam's rooftops

the Amstel melts

a vaasje in front of the roaring screaming fire at The Tara

On Wednesday I went out for dinner with my Amsterdam bro and sis, Leon and Mel. We wanted to venture away from our usual haunts, so settled on Restaurant Tibet. It’s been about 6 years since I was last there, but nothing has changed. Tibet is a small, cosy restaurant in the middle of the Red Light, with authentic Tibetan décor and cuisine, and friendly staff.

The menu is extensive and a lot of time and effort has gone into the quirky descriptions of the dishes, which was good entertainment while we waited to be served. We ordered a few dishes, including meat pasties, duck stew and spicy beef curry – all of it was delicious and I won’t leave it another 6 years before I go back.

We celebrated the success of the meal with a vaasje at the Greenhouse on Warmoestraat, followed by another vaasje at Comedy Theater Nes. It was open mike at Nes, and thankfully free. I’ve come across way more comedy in my friends’ Facebook updates than I did in the 15 minutes we spent there, but everyone has to start somewhere I suppose and the nerve  confidence of the Dutch participants was admirable.

We drowned the disappointment of the comedy with pints and Jagermeister at Susie’s Saloon on Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Not a usual haunt, but then, it wasn’t a usual night. It was, however, a lot of fun.


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