The Simple Things

Today was a weird day. Plans were made, rearranged and then just didn’t work out. I’ve had a cold since yesterday and spent today with a sinus headache. The sky was heavy and grey, and the day felt kind of stagnant.

This kind of Saturday would normally give me an excuse to get on the couch with Lolapops, grab our blankies and watch one of these movies. But Lola was being all cute and chirpy and active, in that irritating toddler way, so we went to the park instead.

And I’m so glad we did. Having spent the morning feeling sorry for myself and my poorly mindbox, I got transported to a place where headaches vanished, worries melted and tiredness no longer existed. Good old-fashioned, no-frills fun.



Lola’s thirst for adventure knew no bounds and once we got back home, she walked her first unprompted steps alone. Then she fell down. And got right back up again and walked a couple of steps more. And this once uneventful Saturday turned into milestone-madness.

To celebrate the positive twist to the day, I’m now going to drink my tea and finish my book. If you’re a fan of the show, you need to read this. Classic Partridge.

needless to say, he's having the last laugh


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