Ladies Night

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Saturday night would normally see me on the couch and in my pjs by 8pm after legging it around Gaasperplas with Lola and Ewoud. But not last Saturday. Cos last Saturday was Ladies Night with friends Sophie and Jessica.

Now, I normally struggle with what I should wear on these occasions. I have one dress. And about 3 pairs of jeans. My post-partum wardrobe can be described as minimalist, as in, still nothing fits dammit! However, that is a separate blogpost. The other reason I was finding the clothing choice difficult was that Ladies Night started at 5pm at Amsterdam Derby Dames’ first home bout and ended at a Burlesque glamour show.

In the end, only one outfit was ever going to be worn. Yes, that’s right, the black jeans and jersey top combo. Knockout!!

The roller derby bout took place at Apollohal, which would have been easy to find had I not taken the wrong turn after exiting the tram and ended up by the Rai. A couple of phonecalls and a mad dash in the opposite direction led me to the venue of the bout…and a very long queue. Whilst waiting to get in, I was struck by the variety of people the bout had attracted. There were squatters, punks, jocks, the couple with 2.5 children and all manner of these combinations. Very impressive!

The long wait was rewarded by a lively atmosphere indoors and a good (though way too quiet) soundtrack – the last song I heard before the bout started was Sheena is a Punkrocker. Then the bout began…the commentators introduced the referees (of which, there were many), followed by the away team, Roller Girls of the Apocalypse. And finally the Amsterdam Derby Dames appeared, and we were pretty impressed with the “uniform” –  neon pink, fishnets and mini skirts or shorts.

the content specialists learn all about jammers and blockers!

There were plenty of photographers on hand to document the event, and you can check out one set of photos over here or Amsterdam Derby Dames’page on Facebook. The first home bout ended in victory for the Amsterdam girls, who scored 105 points to 69!

The event was well organized, the roller girls were feisty and we had a great intro to the sport. My only suggestion for the next bout would be to have music playing again during half-time.  All we needed was a beer, a chat and some lively music before the second half and instead there was a lot of commentating about…not a lot. They tried hard, but its always good to know when to step away from the mike.

After the bout was over, we took on a complete change of scenery by heading to Hotel Okura’s Twenty Third Bar for cocktails and chat. If you are looking to treat yourself, go here and enjoy panoramic views of Amsterdam with your Cosmopolitan. Lekker!

a selection of edgy cocktails to wash down way too many wasabi nuts

After a couple of those bad boys, we headed into the centre of Amsterdam for the burlesque show. I’ve only been to comedy theater Nes once before, for a less-than-impressive night. However, it was a great venue for the burlesque glamour night and the show was wicked! Plenty of variety in the acts, with boylesque, classic striptease, impressive gymnastics and hoola-hooping, all topped off with a suave and sentimental compere, who serenaded his wife in the audience for their 15th wedding anniversary…ahhhhh! Plus around 50% of the attendees had really made an effort with their outfits, which was cool to see.

After the show was over, Jess went home and me and Soph had a nightcap at my old workplace, the Greenhouse before heading back home, satiated and surprisingly sober! Success!


5 thoughts on “Ladies Night

    • No Manda, you were the combination of all of them 😉 And now I’ve just realised I meant “2.4 children”, so I’ve changed that now! You’ll have to let me know when you’re playing – we’ll come and cheer you on!!

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