Going Ballistic in Gaasperplas

The sky was wearing its unflattering grey look again today, so after breakfast, I took Lola on a bike ride around Gaasperplas to Ballorig, a children’s indoor play centre that sits on the opposite side of the lake.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get there, but we will be back pretty soon. Lola loved it! As soon as we got inside, she clocked the padded slide and ball pool and she was off.

There was a café serving snacks, lunch and kids meals but although I was happy to see salads and sandwiches on the menu, there could have been more in the way of fresh fruit, smoothies and all that kind of healthy shizazzle.

Anyways, Lola didn’t care about any of that, she just loved it all. It was so cool to see her bombing around (since taking her first few steps alone, she has reverted back to crawling quickly rather than suffer the indignity of walking all wobbly) and making friends.

The latter mission was a little unsuccessful as some kids weren’t so fond of her stealing toys and destroying Lego empires. In her defence, it was in a Robin Hood sort of way (those kids were rich as they had the toys, and she was thieving off them to give to the poor, herself, as she had none in that particular moment). At that age, all is fair in love and doll wars.

There is so much I miss whilst at work and going to Ballorig today was a good insight into the social developments that take place each day at creche. Only a few months ago, she wouldn’t let go of me when surrounded by strangers. Now, she throws herself into the action, looking around for me from time to time when something is needed. And there will be a time pretty soon when my guard duties will no longer be required. So I better make the most of them while I’ve still got the job.

Lola the conqueror invades the final fort of the day

Speaking of the future, Ryan painted a brilliant picture of the future of our rockstar daughters in an open letter to Anthony Bourdain over at his blog, Amsterdam Tourist. If it works out, we’re going from lifeguards to groupie parents of DIY musician daughters. I’m down with that.


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