The Day We Went To Marken

Last week my parents were over for some quality family time and some grand-daughter hugs. This coincided with the week we got our new car….yeahhh Familie Benoist got wheels! To celebrate, we decided to make the most of a gorgeously sunny Sunday and take my folks out to Marken. Unfortunately Grandad came down with a harsh cold and had to stay home, so we’ll have to find somewhere nice to take him next time.

the cutesy houses of Durgerdam

Mam admires the view

Lola wants in on the action!

inside the Klompenfabriek (clog factory) in Marken

Marken is a small fishing village north of Amsterdam in Waterland. Tourists are a major source of income for the village, and it is renowned for its cute houses on stilts and the traditional costumes of its residents.

We didn’t see any traditional costumes while we were there, but it was Sunday and even a tourist village needs a day of rest now and again. The houses are charming indeed and me and me mam had a brilliant time noseying in people’s gardens and checking out the unique adornments on the houses we passed.

Don’t feel sorry for the owners, they play on it big time, with their posh mini-me birdhouses attached to the sides of their homes. Actually, I’m not sure what they actually are, but I loved it.

one of the houses...posing.

house and mini-me house

houses on stilts, circus-stylee

After working up an appetite with all that noseying, we ate squid rings and battered cod by the sailing club before heading back to Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a day trip away from Amsterdam with a touristy nod to past Dutch traditions, I’d recommend this place and you don’t need a car as the Arriva bus goes to Marken from Centraal Station.

If you buy a Waterland bus ticket, you’re also covered for the whole day to visit other towns and villages in the Waterland region, including Monnikendam, Katwoude and Broek in Waterland. Marken is also easily reached by ferry from Volendam or Monnikendam.

family fun in the new car

...and blue skies and an open road ahead!


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