Amsterdam: Playgrounds for Kids, Adults and Inbetweeners

Of course, as soon as I become slightly optimistic about the start of spring and – conspiratorial whisper – warmish weather, the clouds rolls in and the sky turns all morning-after-the-night-before-pale again. So I’m going to reminisce a bit about a sunny time last week.

Last Monday, the little one and I decided to do a playground-crawl around Gaasperplas. We had a Happy Hour at a few places in the ‘hood and because all the other mini-players were in creche for the day, Lola had the run of the parks.

Call her a playground lush, but our girl was in her element and calling last orders felt much like it did when I was a barmaid on a Bank Holiday weekend. Yes, I feel your pain, but my need to go home outweighs that now – plus you look like you could do with a nap.

Lately, I’ve taken a lot of photos of Lola’s back. That’s because it is currently a more common sight as she scuttles off into the distance, giggling to herself and talking all manner of Dutch-in-Furness-style babble. She’s doing her thing and pushing those boundaries and I’m THAT mam. The one I thought I wasn’t going to be…who posts photos, and bores passing acquaintances with milestones, and is just so @#$#ing proud.

And after basking in maternal pride and a nicely busy week at work, the weekend started with another kind of playground. A mama’s playground. Yes…the girls were out on the town!

The first stop of, erm, only two stops, was the Getto on Warmoestraat. When I worked in the coffeeshop in my first year in Amsterdam, this friendly cocktail bar was a regular haunt. Nice atmosphere, a real mix of people and great cocktails. The tone of the night was set by Mel and I and a round of bubble cocktails…I went for the Kylie Minogue.

The next rounds went by in a haze of gossip, giggles and gettoblasters (the bar’s signature cocktail and highly recommended). And then, all of a sudden, it was late, and the need to move on propelled us to Batavia, where we watched MCs, shouted over them at each other, sipped Jagermeister in ladylike-shot-stylee and came up with fine solutions for most global issues.

And Saturday brought with it no hangover and a warm feeling. Score.


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