Record Store Day 2012: Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is the next stop on my Record Store tour. Unfortunately, the store owner, Joanna, wasn’t in today, but Lien was happy to chat whilst working. This store is different to the others I’ve visited lately. Located in the cute Negen Straatjes, it was born after the company had been distributing records for a while and features more than records. The S&S team know how to create eye-catching window displays and have complemented the music with an art gallery, pristine coffee table books and cult DVDs.

Like Concerto, they’ve decided that the only way to keep moving forwards is by accessorizing – and they’re good at it.

The latest expo, 80s Heroes was in the process of being removed when I turned up, but I caught a couple of striking black and white portraits of Nick Cave. The replacement for Record Store Day is collage art by Iris Satijn.

Lien tells me the first record she bought was the 7-inch “Merry Christmas” by Slade. Classic cheese, and in my top 10 Christmas songs list. The last record she bought was by Deadbolt, who describe their sound as Voodoobilly and occasionally use chain saws on their guitars during live shows.

Lien’s music preference is punk and that’s good with me. I also learn that Sugar & Spice are official dealers of Vampisoul records and they have a healthy collection of Cramps albums.

Sugar and Spice are celebrating tomorrow with live music from the Ragtime Wranglers (rockabilly, blues, country music and everything in between – try not to dance to it.) The show starts at 16:00! If you can’t make it down there, they have over 60,000 titles available in their online store. They also have an app out!

With all these methods to buy music now, and with a limited space for stock on their shelves, why the need for a record store? Lien answer comes pretty quickly:

“People love to touch vinyl. They can smell it, feel it, they have the music in their hands and the artwork with it. And then they go home with something entirely different from what they came in for.”

Sugar & Spice, Gasthuismolensteeg 8a, 1016 AN Amsterdam


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