5 Days of Summer

As the weather becomes….mixed…I thought I’d share the photos I took during our mini heatwave a couple of weeks ago. It’s been bucketing it down all day today, so allow me to indulge in the memories of those real summer days, the first Lal Lass has experienced. The ones featuring grazed knees, ice lollies and paddling pools.

Summer days equals no shoes outdoorsSummers day sailing at Gaasperplas

Happy as a pig in shit!

Happy as a pig in shit!

Lola runs free round Nellesteincalm before the storm...

When its like this in Amsterdam, everyone’s off to picnic or BBQ in the park (Vondel, Westerpark, Amstel and the smaller neighbourhood parks), head to the beach (Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, Wijk aan Zee) or cool off in one of the public paddling pools in Amsterdamse Bos. We stayed local for the most part – Gaasperplas is a gorgeous place to be on a sunny day, and with large fields, playing areas and a local beach, we’re pretty sorted.

We did take a day trip to Het Twiske on the hottest day. It was the first time I’ve been there and surprisingly Ewoud had never heard of it before. If you haven’t, it’s a huge recreational area in Amsterdam Noord, with lots of beaches, lakes, open fields, a farm and restaurants/cafés. Basically, a larger version of Gaasperplas, but with more going on.

Photo taken 5 minutes before seeing a sign asking the people not to feed the horse…

sells organic low-sugar icecream and has an honesty box!

hanging out by the sailing club at Twiske

It’s been raining here all day but now the sun is out again for the evening. I have hope that we’re going to get more days like these this year. Until then, the deflated paddling pool is leaning against the wall of the balcony, waiting.


4 thoughts on “5 Days of Summer

  1. Belissimo Bella – Little Lola is getting so big and gorgeous, so looking forward to the girls night on Friday and seeing Lily and Lola together xxx

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