Mother’s Day, Mini-Golf & Muiden

As an expat mama, I get to acknowledge Mother’s Day twice a year, like some kind of Queen. UK and Netherlands celebrate this fine day at different times of the year, with the UK going for it in March and the Netherlands (and most other countries), opting for May.

Last year, Mother’s Day was a quiet one, as I recovered from one of my many post-partum illnesses, so this year we decided to make it a date. Minus our daughter. A little ironic maybe, but it had been a while since the hubby and I had been on a date and it just so happened that Oma wanted to spend a sunny Sunday with her kleindochter. All good!

First stop was to my favourite park in Amsterdam, Amstel Park, for Puremarkt. We had a pretty tasty lunch there of pulled pork sandwiches, bio sausages and chocolate cake and bought some smoked eel for my schoonouders (in-laws). But the highlight of the park was playing mini golf…and I totally kicked my husband’s arse on it! (I’m not competitive…)

The look of concentration didn’t help, unfortunately…

After a devastating defeat on the golf course (which would have been more so, had we finished it…even in the midst of victory, it was going on a bit), we went for a drive to Muiden. Now this was pretty exciting for us both, as I just like visiting cute little towns and hubby had been wanting to visit the historic Muiderslot castle for a while.

The castle looked pretty impressive (even more so when you realise it has been around since 1285) but on getting closer we saw it was 12.50 per person to go onto the grounds and decided to get as close as possible for free and then go and get icecream instead.

It was the right decision.

If you visit Nelis’ IJssalon, try the whiskey cream and chocolate icecream. Heerlijk!

Afterwards, we picked up our little one, who had slept blissfully all afternoon (of course) and went back home to watch a movie and eat popcorn on the couch together.


Spring Sprung in Amsterdam

The weather has perked right up over in Amsterdam, along with the bloemetjes. To celebrate the arrival of Spring and warm weather, we headed over to Amstelpark at the weekend. It’s been a few years since I was last there, and now I wonder why its taken us so long….it is such a cool park for kids!

There’s a large play area with climbing frames, slides and swings and it’s divided into smaller sections, so you can choose age-appropriate activities. There is also a petting farm, midget golf and a cool retro-looking train going through the park.

Lola’s uncles, Marcel and Ramiro, have been away for a while – Marcel and his girlfriend were travelling in India and Ramiro was spending quality time with his family in Uruguay. So an afternoon at the park turned into a chill family reunion, with a lunch of homemade tortilla courtesy of Marcel’s girlfriend Patri. Gezellig!

Pure Markt will take place at Amstelpark over the Easter weekend, so if you haven’t had time to check out Amstelpark yet and fancy an afternoon of organic delights, pop over there on 8 April and combine both!

For more info on activities and events happening in Amsterdam over Easter weekend, check out I Amsterdam.